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Links and references to resources that I’ve found helpful or that other trusted beekeepers have recommended.

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Register Your Hives

The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has joined other states in partnering with FieldWatch, an online mapping service to help prevent crop damage and bee deaths due to accidental/unintended pesticide drift. FieldWatch is currently operating in fourteen states and one Canadian province: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, …

Vendors: Queens, Nucs, and Packages

Queens, Nucs, and Packages

The following are my suggestions for buying queens, packages, and nucs. If you have a good source for any, please email me with the pertinent information and include some information about why you are recommending them. The following dealers have been approved by the NC Department of Agriculture to sell bees in North Carolina and …

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Bee Supply Companies

The following are just a few of the many, many companies selling bee supplies. If you’ve had really good luck buying equipment from someone not on this list, send me an email with the info and why you like them. Dadant Hamilton, Illinois (and other locations) Mann Lake Hackensack, Minnesota (and other locations) …

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Monitoring Varroa Mites

I believe that you have to monitor the varroa mite infestation in your hives. Many hives do not even make it to winter because of viruses transmitted by the varroa mite. If they make it to winter, they may not make it through winter. This year (2017), bees coming through winter in okay shape saw …

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BT for Control of Wax Moths

A strong hive is the best defense against wax moths. One preventive action is to not give the bees more territory than they can guard.  In other words, don’t leave a lot of drawn comb on a hive that is small and struggling. Wax moth traps can help keep the wax moth population under control …

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Nematodes for Hive Beetle Control

A couple of years ago I had the worst hive beetle problem I’ve encountered.  Beetle traps and other methods were not working very well.  One of my fellow beekeepers, Charlie Headington recommended that I try nematodes for control.  He gave me the name and website address of the place he used.  I had been reading …